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Used Shelving Installed for Shoe Store

Have a look at this Longspan Shelving installation that we completed this week for a Shoe Store in Newry, Northern Ireland.

They needed to install a Shelving System that could store large quantities of their boxes. We met with the owner, visited their space and had a look at their stock to get an idea of how they wanted to fully utilise their space.

This Used Dexion Speedlock Shelving was the perfect solution for their business as the (2.74m) beams meant they could fit 11 shoe boxes in a row, as you can see from the photos below, it has enabled this business to get the most of their space.

They required 3 Chipboard shelves on each bay along with Galvanised Panels along the ground to ensure that their stock is protected.

Our Used Longspan Shelving gave this customer an opportunity to transform their space into a more efficient and functional storage facility whilst not having to break the bank.

Do you require a shelving system to organize stock, create space and ultimately help your business grow?

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Check out another one of our Longspan Shelving Systems we installed for Robinson’s Shoemakers in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

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Warehouse Transformed with our Pallet Racking Systems


Have a look at this Pallet Racking installation we completed for one of Ireland’s leading project development and construction companies. This client was able to fully utilise the height and space within their warehouse by installing 3 different Used Pallet Racking systems.

The company approached us to book a Free Site Visit, they wanted a member of our team to come and have a look at their Warehouse and see what storage systems would fit best for the products they needed to store.

They required a system to help store their corrugated metal roofing sheets. Given the length of these sheets and the space they had to store them, this Used Dexion Speedlock System was the perfect fit.

The 3.6m (1.5Ton) beams offered sufficient space and loading capacity and combined with the 4m x 900mm Frames it was the ideal storage solution for their business.



The company also required a Shelving System for storing their more heavy duty items. We were able to supply and install two different sections of 1200mm deep shelving with  mesh decking for each shelf which offers additional support as well as provide a shelving finish.

This Used Apex Linvar shelving allowed this company to opt for a cost-effective storage system whilst not compromising in quality.



They then required a storage solution for storing heavy duty Pallets and stock within their Warehouse, we supplied and installed this 4m x 1100mm Sperrin Metal Pallet Racking system along with these 3.6m beams to give the required loading capacity and space for each bay.


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Shelving & Mezzanine Floor Installation

Have a look at this job we completed over the Easter holidays for one of our clients based in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

As a busy E-commerce company, they couldn’t afford to have the Mezzanine Floor and Shelving systems installed during their working week.

Our team of expert fitters were able to install the Mezzanine Floor, Small Part Shelving and Longspan Shelving before they were back to work on Tuesday.

We had previously installed a Pallet Racking & Mezzanine floor system in their warehouse but with continuous growth they needed to extend their Mezzanine Floor and install a selection of Longspan Shelving & Small Part Shelving systems to help them get the most out of their space.

Our Used Link 51 Stormor Shelving was the perfect fit for their packing area, the adjustable shelves allow the company to store a range of different sized products with ease.

They then required a more heavy duty shelving system to help store their larger products and our Used Dexion Longspan shelving system provided the perfect size and loading capacity for what they needed.

This customer has completely transformed their warehouse by doubling their floor space and installing shelving systems to help store and organize their stock.

Get in touch, Book a Free Site Visit and have a one-to-one consultation with one of our team. Find out how we can help you get the most out of your space, get value for your money and start growing your business today.

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Car Parts Retailer fitted with Used Shelving

Have a look at this Small Part Shelving installation we completed for one of Ireland’s leading car parts retailers based in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

This Used shelving was the perfect fit for this customers warehouse as it offered a cost-effective storage solution that helped this business create a more efficient working environment for their staff by organising their stock and creating more space.

One of our team called out to their warehouse to assess their space and to get an idea of how they wanted to use their space, they spoke to the management and employees to get a better understanding of the shelving they required. Given the nature of the products they supply, this customer required a used shelving system that offered enough depth and weight for their largest and heaviest products.

With the adjustable height of each shelf, the client was able to fully adjust the shelving to suit the different shapes and sizes of their products. Each shelf being rated to 75kg also gave them enough weight to be able to store each of their items effectively.

Does this look like a storage system that your company could benefit from?

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Have a look at this other Used Shelving Installation we completed for an electrical wholesale company, this shelving can help create and organize any space, it is perfect for any warehouse environment.

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Small Part Shelving Installation

Used Shelving Dublin Ireland

Have a look at this Small Part Shelving System that we supplied and installed for an Electrical Wholesale company this week.

This Used Small Part Shelving was the perfect solution for this company who needed to re-organise their space and establish a new stock management system for their warehouse.

Given the size and nature of their products, the customer installed dividers which increased their shelving sections and helped get the most out of their space.

Does this look like a storage system that could help your business?

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