Have a look at this Mezzanine Floor installation that we completed for one of our clients in Dublin, Ireland.

Barkston Beds & Home Ltd first got in touch with ourselves by booking a Free Site Visit and had one of our team call out to their warehouse and assess their space and come up with a solution for developing their show room into a larger, more dynamic space.

After the Site Visit, we were able to assess their space, their design and then work out the most suitable solution to increase their space effectively. Once the design was confirmed we were able to alter our Mezzanine system to suit their needs.

Check out these photos that were taken from the installation phase right through to the finished product.

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Does this look like a storage solution your business could benefit from?

Get in touch and have one of our team call out to your premises and come up with the most suitable solution for your business.

Have a look at this other Mezzanine Floor project we completed for an online retail company, we knew that a Pallet Racking & Mezzanine Floor combination was the most cost-effective and suitable solution for this business, given the height of their building.