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Our Pallet Racking systems create the most efficient storage solution for warehouses and storage facilities with palletised products as it allows direct access to each pallet.

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Our knowledge and market expertise allow us to provide each of our clients with the ideal pallet racking system for their commercial objectives. It helps utilise floor space, minimises damage to stock and helps with general stock control.

Pallet Racking Components
Pallet Racking systems consist of 3 main components:
- Beams
- Frames
- Safety Clips

Pallet Racking Dimensions
To meet our customer needs we offer a range of sizes of frames and beams. See the available dimensions below.
Frame depth: 900mm, 1000mm and 1100mm
Frame height: 2m up to 13m
Beam size: 1.35m up to 3.9m

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Previous Pallet Racking Jobs
Have a look below at some of the pallet racking systems our team have recently installed for some inspiration.