Have a look at this Used Pallet Racking System we installed with Anti-Collapse panels for one of our clients this week in Dublin, Ireland.

This 4m high Pallet Racking system allowed the client to fully utilise the height of their warehouse. The 1100mm deep frames used alongside the 3.6m (3Ton) beams has then given the perfect shelf size and load bearing for their heavy duty pallets.

We then added Anti-Collapse panels to this Used Pallet Racking system. It was the most cost-effective solution for creating a safe working environment safe as it prevents any goods from falling out and causing injury to personnel or damage to any goods.

On completion, we conducted a Racking Inspection for our client which means their Pallet Racking system is now approved and certified in accordance to the SEMA guidelines.

Does this Pallet Racking system look like a storage solution that your business could benefit from?

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