Pallet Racking Accessories

Alongside our Pallet Racking systems, we provide a wide-range of Pallet Racking accessories to help our clients keep their Pallet Racking systems protected to help ensure their working environment is safe for their staff.

If you currently have a Pallet Racking system installed, have a member of our team call out to your Warehouse to get a quote and find out how we can help make your space a safer environment.


Mesh Decking

Mesh Decking is a highly versatile solution for customers as it converts Pallet Racking into shelving without impacting the loading capacity. Wire Mesh Decking also provides a fire safety compliant storage solution as it allows smoke and heat to rise.

Pallet Support Bar

Pallet Support Bars are ideal for taking some of the weight from the pallets being stored. We can provide new & used support bars for all our Pallet Racking systems to help make your Pallet Racking as safe as possible for your business.

Anti-Collapse Mesh Panels

Anti-Collapse Mesh Panels are an ultimate solution for any business that wants to ensure their warehouse is both tidy and safe for their employees. The Mesh Panels are fitted to the rear of the Pallet Racking which prevents any products falling back.

Chipboard Panels

We can provide 25mm Chipboard Panel for Pallet Racking systems to provide a support for clients that don’t use pallets for storing their products.

Slotted Timber Decking

Slotted Timber Decking creates a resilient shelf which is most useful when being used to support smaller items and smaller pallets. We have a range of different sizes and depths in stock.

Framework Protector

Pallet Racking Frame Protectors are essential for providing protection for your storage system against impacts from warehouse vehicles, they help prevent workplace accidents and damage to any stock.