Cantilever Racking



Our Brand New Cantilever Racking offers a cost-effective and safe solution for storing various types of long and heavy products. An open-fronted system allows storing varying length items.

The cantilever structure consists of upright columns with one or two horizontal beams at the base to provide stability and makes this racking very robust and able to withstand the rigours of the most arduous industrial environments.

Our standard size for this racking is;

Size: 2.95m Height x 1.6m Depth x 2m Length

Uprights: 203 x 203 x 46kg/m

Bottom feet: 152 x 152 x 23kg/m

Arms: 125 x 65 x 14.8 channel

Bracing: 2.5″ angle

Although this is our standard size, we can make this Cantilever Racking to suit your preferences.

Give us a call and get a quote for the Racking you need.