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Coming to a screen near you!

Small Part Shelving Installation Ireland

Have a look at this Shelving installation we completed this week for a production company that are working for a brand new TV series.

We met up with the team at their premises to have a look at the space and to chat about their ideas so that we could come up with the ideal storage solution. This Link 51 Small Part Shelving was exactly what this company needed to set the scene.

Our experienced team of fitters were then able to deliver and install this Shelving on time so that the set design could stay on schedule for completion.

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Pallet Racking Installation

Pallet Racking Ireland

Each business has a unique requirement and this Agricultural supplies company was no different. We had to meet with the owners at their premises to asses their space and to get an idea of what they would be storing on the Racking.

Given the size and weight of the products they were storing, we knew that this Heavy Duty Pallet Racking would be the most effective storage solution.

This Pallet Racking system creates a more efficient warehouse environment, as it helps utilise more space, organise stock and allowing direct access to each pallet.

Our team were able to get the order ready, delivered and installed in good time leaving another satisfied customer.

Book a Free Site Visit today and transform your space with a bespoke Pallet Racking System for your business.


Pallet Racking IrelandPallet Racking Ireland

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Robinson’s Suited & Booted with Shelving

Robinson's Shoemakers Shelving Installation

Have a look at this Long Span Shelving we installed this week for Robinson’s Shoemakers in Belfast. A couple of weeks ago, we met up with the owners and visited the store to get an idea of what they needed for their shop.

After measuring up the dimensions and taking into account that the shelving would be used in the stock room, we knew that the Long Span Shelving was going to be the most efficient shelving system we could install.

The Shelving was measured and fitted so that it could hold high levels of stock as well as allowing enough space for staff members to help organise and select stock easily.

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Small Part Shelving – Car Parts Retailer

Small Part Shelving for Car Parts Retailer, Ireland

Link 51 Stormor Shelving

1m Length x 2m Height x 40cm Depth

Check out this Job we recently finished with a local Car Parts Supplier.

We met up with the team to see what storage solution they needed to maximise the efficiency of their space. With the nature of their products being small and light, this Link 51 Stormor shelving was the perfect fit for their business.

The 400mm Deep Shelving creates a great system for stock selection and picking items in a warehouse environment.

Book a Free Site Visit today and transform your space with a Small Part Shelving system for your business.

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Tight Squeeze!

13m Pallet Racking for Warehouse in Ireland

These 13m Apex frames may have been a tight squeeze on this lorry, but they were a perfect fit for this customer who wanted to take full advantage of their warehouse space.

We visited the warehouse and met with the customer to figure out the ideal racking solution for their warehouse. We were able to source the exact racking they needed and helped them get the most out of their space.