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Galvanised Cantilever Racking System

This Galvanised Cantilever Racking System we installed this week is ideal for storing timber or any other long, heavy duty products outside.

This customer didn’t waste any time on putting it to good use.👌😂

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Used Shelving Installed for Shoe Store

Have a look at this Longspan Shelving installation that we completed this week for a Shoe Store in Newry, Northern Ireland.

They needed to install a Shelving System that could store large quantities of their boxes. We met with the owner, visited their space and had a look at their stock to get an idea of how they wanted to fully utilise their space.

This Used Dexion Speedlock Shelving was the perfect solution for their business as the (2.74m) beams meant they could fit 11 shoe boxes in a row, as you can see from the photos below, it has enabled this business to get the most of their space.

They required 3 Chipboard shelves on each bay along with Galvanised Panels along the ground to ensure that their stock is protected.

Our Used Longspan Shelving gave this customer an opportunity to transform their space into a more efficient and functional storage facility whilst not having to break the bank.

Do you require a shelving system to organize stock, create space and ultimately help your business grow?

Get in touch by booking a Free Site Visit or give us a call and discuss your options.

Check out another one of our Longspan Shelving Systems we installed for Robinson’s Shoemakers in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

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Warehouse Transformed with our Pallet Racking Systems


Have a look at this Pallet Racking installation we completed for one of Ireland’s leading project development and construction companies. This client was able to fully utilise the height and space within their warehouse by installing 3 different Used Pallet Racking systems.

The company approached us to book a Free Site Visit, they wanted a member of our team to come and have a look at their Warehouse and see what storage systems would fit best for the products they needed to store.

They required a system to help store their corrugated metal roofing sheets. Given the length of these sheets and the space they had to store them, this Used Dexion Speedlock System was the perfect fit.

The 3.6m (1.5Ton) beams offered sufficient space and loading capacity and combined with the 4m x 900mm Frames it was the ideal storage solution for their business.



The company also required a Shelving System for storing their more heavy duty items. We were able to supply and install two different sections of 1200mm deep shelving with  mesh decking for each shelf which offers additional support as well as provide a shelving finish.

This Used Apex Linvar shelving allowed this company to opt for a cost-effective storage system whilst not compromising in quality.



They then required a storage solution for storing heavy duty Pallets and stock within their Warehouse, we supplied and installed this 4m x 1100mm Sperrin Metal Pallet Racking system along with these 3.6m beams to give the required loading capacity and space for each bay.


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Used Pallet Racking System for Carpet Retailer

Have a look at this Pallet Racking installation we completed for one of our customers last week, one of Northern Ireland’s leading Carpet Retailers. This client required a system that was suited to their products while also helping fully utilise their space effectively.

This Used Link 51 Adjustable Pallet Racking system was the ideal solution for their business.

The 3.6m (1.5Ton) beams helped create a shelf space with a long span to allow them to effectively store and organize their stock.

The 900mm Pallet Racking Frames when put back to back and combined with our Chipboard Panels helped create the perfect shelf space for storing Carpets.

Does this bespoke Pallet Racking system look like a storage solution that could help you organize your warehouse and help you get the most out of your space?

Get in touch today, Book a Free Site Visit today and find out how we can help you get the most out of your space today.

Check out another one of our recent Carpet Racking Installations to see how we helped another customer fully utilise their space with another one of our Used Pallet Racking systems.