Have a look at this job we completed over the Easter holidays for one of our clients based in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

As a busy E-commerce company, they couldn’t afford to have the Mezzanine Floor and Shelving systems installed during their working week.

Our team of expert fitters were able to install the Mezzanine Floor, Small Part Shelving and Longspan Shelving before they were back to work on Tuesday.

We had previously installed a Pallet Racking & Mezzanine floor system in their warehouse but with continuous growth they needed to extend their Mezzanine Floor and install a selection of Longspan Shelving & Small Part Shelving systems to help them get the most out of their space.

Our Used Link 51 Stormor Shelving was the perfect fit for their packing area, the adjustable shelves allow the company to store a range of different sized products with ease.

They then required a more heavy duty shelving system to help store their larger products and our Used Dexion Longspan shelving system provided the perfect size and loading capacity for what they needed.

This customer has completely transformed their warehouse by doubling their floor space and installing shelving systems to help store and organize their stock.

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