Longspan Shelving

Heavy Duty Shelving

Longspan shelving is a heavy duty storage system that can be used in any warehouse, stockroom, garage or in any office setting. The long span shelf space offers a strong, reliable shelf which helps clients maximise their storage within any space.

This shelving is boltless and fully adjustable, it can be altered and changed to evolve with changing in storage demands.

Longspan Shelving is made up of 3 components;

  • Frames
  • Beams
  • Chipboard

We stock a large range of different depths, heights and loading capacities meaning that we will have a suitable longspan shelving system to suit your requirements.

Longspan Shelving Frames

Our longspan shelving systems have a range of depths and heights, varying from;

550mm / 600mm / 800mm / 850mm – Depth

2m / 2.5m / 3m – Height

Height can be customised to fit the size of your space.

Longspan Shelving Beams

Depending on the type of products being stored on the longspan shelving system, different beam loading capacities are available.

We have a selection of lengths ranging from; 2.2m – 2.7m – 3.6m

Most of our longspan shelving beams are rated to 500kg per shelf, but we can offer 1Ton and 2Ton beams for systems that need the support.

Longspan Shelving Chipboard

All our longspan shelving systems are fitted with 25mm Chipboard. This chipboard is the perfect fit alongside our step down beams which means it’s easier to assemble and leaves a more spacious, tidier shelf.