A Guide to Pallet Racking Decking
What is Pallet Racking Decking 
  • Decking is a key component when Pallet Racking is storing of small and loose items or smaller pallet sizes. The decks ensure that nothing falls through the storage system. 
  • Decking can be made form various materials including wood or steel, the type of decking depends on the type of product being stored on the Pallet Racking

Timber Decking 

  • Timber decking is durable and extremely versatile , it can be adapted to fit the most obscure spaces 
  • Timber decking is proven to reduce the risk of stock falling through and protects warehouse operatives as well as goods
Chipboard Decking 
  • Chipboard decking is similar to timber decking, being very resistant and available in a variety of depths. With high weight capacitates and a smooth surface making it a viable option 

Wire Mesh Decking 

  • Wire mesh decking is the most cost efficient of the options, it is also the option most suitable for outdoor racking  
  • Wire mesh is also less of a fire risk and reduces the need for frequent cleaning




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