Choosing the Correct Racking

There are many different variations of pallet racking, it is important to be able to understand which variation is best suited to meet your needs. Getting it wrong can create issues down the line. 

Understanding your storage needs 

Certain types of racking is suited for the storing of of certain products, pallet racking holds pallets, racking with timber decking or wire mesh is perfectly suited for the storing of boxes and cantilever racking is best suited for storing long slim items. 

Fitting the budget 

When fitting your budget it is important to not only consider the price of the racking itself but the installing of it. Luckily we have racking to fit everyone's budget and we wont be beat on price when it comes to installing. 

Maximising vertical space 

Many warehouse operators think to expand outwards rather than upwards. Misuse of the space can lead to wasted time, energy and money. But installing systems such as high bay racking will allow you make the most of the vertical space in your facility. 

Utilise floor space 

No matter how large or small your storage space, the key to running an efficient warehouse operation is maximising what you have available. A balance has to be struck between the type of racking you need, the available floor space and how it will be accessed. One particular type of racking may not help you get the most out of the available space. Using a combination based on your products could increase the capacity by quite some distance.

Contacting pallet racking suppliers 

Now the fun part, contact one of our salesmen through the contact us page on our website or ring us on 028 3753 7617

We are the Irelands leading suppliers of used pallet racking and we will  not be beat on price. 

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