Importance of keeping your Warehouse Safe and Clean

Responsabilties of Warehouse Managers 

If you have the responsabilty of running a warehouse you have to be aware of the importance of keeping it safe and clean. This not only effects your employee's but anyone who may be ariving at or passing through the warehouse. A dirty and disorganised warehouse will make it more prone to accidents, be less effeicent and effcet the overall performace of the site. 

Use appropriate Safety Equipment and Follow Safety procedures 

It is vital that employee's working in the warehouse have all the correct safety equipment for  example high vis vests and appropiate eyewear. There is no room for short cuts in this area, employyee's are being put at risk if safety percautions are no followed at all times. 

All employee's should be made aware of emergency exits and these emergency should never be blocked, we know these procedures may be tim consuming but they ar imprtant to ensure your warehouse runs smoothly day to day with reduced risk. 

Regular Cleaning Schedule 

Something that is often overlooked on a regular basis is having a regular cleaning schedule, this should be in place in all warehouses and adhered to by all employee's. Warehouses being large busy spaces which can easily become cluttered and dirty. Having a check-list allows allows you to stay organsieed and devide tasks so all employyee's know there roles and the work is spread evenly. Completing the tasks on a regular basis means thats the warehouse is consistantly kept in good shape and does not need a big clean up.

Necessary Racking Accessories for Safety Purposes

Safety has to be of the highest priority when it comes to Racking, the likes of end frame barriers help to prevent damage as your frames are the most vulnerable to accidental damage from vehicles in your warehouse. Equipment like forklifts can cause a surprising amount of damage at reduced speeds. Heavy duty barriers can be installed to prevent this equipment from getting to close and causing damage. Column guards are also a brilliant way of preventing damage to your upright columns, if they were damaged it would cause the racking to destabilise and make it unsafe. Finally pallet supports are used when there is especially heavy loads going on Pallet Racking to provide support. The pallet supports spread the load and prevent smaller pallets from becoming dislodged in the racking. Dont forget here at Azil we can supply all of the above.


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