Azil's Social Media Presence
Azil Racking & Shelving Socials 
Here at Azil we are very active on our socials this includes Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. We know the importnace of engaging with our clients and social media is a fantaisic tool to do just this. 
Facebook is our biggest social media account with over 1,900 followers. We are very active on the account posting at least twice a week. We are always chatting to our customers on the account so don't be afraid to drop us a message with any enquieries.
Instagram is an effective tool for us as it allows us to tap into a different demographic to Facebook. We also consistantly post to our instagram account and instagram stories, give the account a follow to see what we get up to in our day to day activities. 
We have recently made our TikTok account, this is something we have a lot of fun with. We create different videos varying from educational videos to videos of our fitters completing jobs.  
Dont forget to give all of our accounts a follow!!