The Importance Of Maintaining Your Pallet Racking

Whatever the size of our your business, it is vital that you maintain the condition of your pallet racking system to ensure the safety of your workplace and of your employees.

Pallet Racking Damage

Pallet racking can become unsafe overtime if it gets damaged. Damage can be caused by careless forklift drivers knocking into the beams or framework.

If your pallet racking is damaged this can weaken the structure and reduce the maximum weight that can be loaded on to it. This puts you at risk of accidentally overloading your pallet racking system, which could potentially lead to your pallet racking collapsing, putting the safety of your employees in danger.

Pallet racking is a valuable asset within any business and can be expensive to replace. That is why we offer pallet racking repair as a service.

Pallet Racking Repairs

Here at Azil Racking & shelving we offer a fully approved inspection. We will be able to provide your business with a detailed report indicating any areas of damage and any components that may need to be replaced.

Our team will be able to replace and fix any damaged items to make sure that the storage system is safe for your warehouse.

If you have any concerns or any questions on any damage to your Pallet Racking, Shelving or Mezzanine Floor system get in touch and we can discuss your options.