Tips for Organising your Workspace

Having an organised workspace can be a great way of increasing efficiency in the workplace. Organisation allows workers to focus on completing tasks rather than spending time on looking for tools or components. 

Clearing out the workspace 

  • A great place to start is by clearing out shelves in the workplace, it is likely that the majority of items in the workplace will be needed at one time or another. Rather than throwing them out, invest in quality storage systems. 

Invest in suitable shelving 

  • It is important to invest in the shelving systems most suited to your workplace, weather that is small part shelving or Longspan shelving. If used effectively both are a fantastic way or helping to organise your workspace.
  • Small part shelving is perfect for the storing of small components like nuts and bolts. Small part shelving is best suited fitted out with part bins, allowing for organised storage.


  • Longspan Shelving is a heavy duty storage system that can be used in any workspace. The Longspan shelf space offers a strong, reliable shelf which helps clients maximise their storage within any space. It is perfect for the storing of larger products and tools, with a loading capacity of 500kg a shelf.  

Contact Azil Racking & Shelving 

  • Finally contact us for all of your shelving needs. We will recommend the shelving best suited to your space for a price that cant be beat!