Why to install a Mezzanine Floor

Reasons to Install a Mezzanine Floor 

Here at Azil our Mezzanine Floors are growing in popularity every week, with more customers deciding they would be best suited to their space.

  • Storage Space

Mezzanine floors are raised stand-alone structural steel platforms, independent of the main building structure and reinforced by steel columns. Mezzanine platforms produce a very useful additional floor are out of what was wasted air space above existing work and storage areas.

  • Cost effective 

Mezzanine floor's are a cost effective way of expanding the amount of space available to you and can often eliminate the downtime and expense of re-locating or re-building. 

  • Safety 

Although it shouldn't happen, it is all too easy to stack boxes and equipment higher than is safe to do so, by installing a Mezzanine Floor you are providing a dedicated area to store all your materials and equipment.

Mezzanine floor