Why to install an Azil Workbench into your Workspace
Advantages of installing Azil Workbenches into your workspace
  • Designated Workspace  
Having a designated workspace means that you can be a lot more organised. The problem with not having somewhere designated for your work is that your work is scattered over your entire space and it can become very cluttered and unorganised.  
    • Storage 
    Our workbenches are great for storage as they have a worktop and bottom shelve both with a weight capacity of 500kg.
    • Safety 

    Having a Workbench installed in a designated area means you have a safe space to complete your work, it also means that people in the workspace are aware of their surroundings and know to keep an eye out on that area.


    Azil Workbenches Available

    Here at Azil we have Workbenches available at:

    • 1.5m L x 950mm H x 700mm D
    • 1.8m L x 950mm H x 700mm D
    • 2.8m L x 950mm H x 700mm D
    • 3.2m L x 950mm H x 700mm D

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