Why to install Tyre Racking

Tyre Racking System 

When storing tyres in your garage or workshop it is vital that you install a storage system so that you can be organised and maximise your space while maintaining the quality of your tyres.

Reasons to install Tyre Racking

Accessibity - A tyre racking system allows you to have access to your entire stock of tyres at once, they can be removed and replaced with ease. Tyres being an item that is known for being difficult to store, a tyre racking sytem removes all difficulties. 

Safety - In a garage or workshop envirement safety can become an issue if not addressed, with the tyres being stores away in a dedicated space it prevents them from causing clutter and blocking up the shop floor.

Protecting from damage - When storing tyres on the floor it is known to cause damage, while also being dangerous. With a tyre racking system your stock can be stored for as long as needed while staying in pristine condition. 

Showcasing Selection - A tyre racking system is also an effcteive and tidy way of showcasing your stock to customers. 

Tyre Racking system's available at Azil

Traditional Tyre Racking System

Here at Azil we offer a couple of options when it comes to Tyre Racking, this heavy duty racking's height and length can be adjusted to best suit your space capable of stocking large amounts of tyres.


Light Duty Tyre Racking

We also supply a light duty Tyre Racking system, this racking comes in at set dimensions of 1.5m L x 2.4m H x 600mm D.



Pallet racking