Shelving Solutions at Azil

Choose from a variety of shelving


Longspan Shelving is a heavy duty storage system that can be used in any warehouse, stockroom, garage or in any office setting. The longspan shelf space offers a strong, reliable shelf which helps clients maximise their storage within any space. 

This shelving is boltless and fully adjustable, it can be altered and changed to evolve with changing in storage demands.

Longspan Shelving is made up of 3 components;

  • Frames
  • Beams
  • Chipboard

We stock a large range of different depths, heights and loading capacities meaning that we will have a suitable longspan shelving system to suit your requirements.


Our Small Part Shelving systems are the perfect storage solution for businesses that need to store and organise lightweight items for manual picking.

All the Small Part Shelving systems that we have in stock are fully adjustable and give our customers the freedom to move each shelf to the size that best suits their products.

These systems are very easily installed and are perfect for smaller hand-picked products, this system is ideal for clothing, replacement parts, and other small products.