Why to Install Racking Protectors
Racking Protectors
Simply put, a Racking protection system consists of products used to prevent damage being done to a Racking system. Any storage space where lifting equipment is being used is prone to to safety risks and damages. 


Main Reasons to Install 

Improve Longevity - It is easier and cheaper to replace protectors rather than damaged frames or beams.

Reduce Maintenance Costs - They help prevent accidents in the first place, in turn reducing the overall bill.

Safety - Prevent dangerous structural damage and injury to staff.


Types of Racking Protectors 

Column Guards - The guards are a brilliant way of preventing damage to your upright columns, if they were damaged it would cause the racking to destabilise and make it unsafe.

End Frame Barriers - Your end frames are the most vulnerable to accidental damage from vehicles in your warehouse. Equipment like forklifts can cause a surprising amount of damage at reduced speeds. Heavy duty barriers can be installed to prevent this equipment from getting to close and causing damage.

Pallet Supports - Supports are used when there is especially heavy loads going on Pallet Racking to provide support. The pallet supports spread the load and prevent smaller pallets from becoming dislodged in the racking. 

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